The January 2013 delegation of 20 people has returned and is still feeling the warmth, love and excitement of visiting “our” community, the ciudadela Guillermo Ungo. This delegation included a number of medical personnel, so some treatment and medical education was performed. In addition, there was a craft project and the annual Scholarship Awards ceremony. Here are testimonies from two of the young adults who traveled with the January group.

  • “Going to El Salvador this January meant so much to me. I have wanted to go ever since my dad and brother went for the fist time. I always thought it would be a great experience, and it truly was. The best part about it for me was interacting with the kids. After hearing about them for all these years it was so great to finally meet them. What I realized while was there and when I got home is how happy the people are in El Salvador. They don’t have very much but they always have a smile on their face. The people there showed me that life isn’t about the material things.. Being happy is about being with people you love and living life to the fullest. I made great relationships with the kids and I can’t wait to go back and see them. I miss El Salvador already and think about my wonderful experience everyday. This journey opened up my eyes and I realized new things about the world. I am so grateful of everything I have in my life and especially grateful towards my dad for taking me on t his trip. I love my family in El Salvador and I am so happy that they could teach me more about life and love.”– Kylie R.
  • “Got home last night and can’t stop thinking about the trip! I want so badly to come back! I heard that there might be a delegation going sometime soon, and I am really interested in going. I also am writing to you because i would really like to have a Prayer Child. I see the connections that you and other people  have with the kids and i want a relationship like that. Thanks! And enjoy the rest of your trip!”
    — Sarah B.