Scholarships and School Supplies

Santa Cruz al Salvador provides scholarships and supplies for students in the Guillermo Ungo school (kindergarten through high school); awards are made by a local scholarship committee. We started with 30 scholarships, growing to 120 scholarships starting with the 2011 academic year.

University Scholarships

We provide funds for university and vocational school scholarships for Guillermo Ungo school graduates.

Prayer Child Sponsors

What is a Prayer Child Sponsor? Becoming a Prayer Child Sponsor for a student in El Salvador is a powerful way to build a personal connection with and support a student as he/she grows and develops. Not everyone is able to travel to El Salvador to meet their student, of course. The Prayer Child Sponsorship program is designed to help bridge the distance without travel. Prayer and communication are the keys to the partnership. By engaging in partnership with one of the scholarship recipients, we ask that  you:

  • Accept the obligations of praying for the child on a regular basis.
  • Communicate at least annually to that child. Yes, there is a language barrier, but if you keep the message simple they can get it translated. Sending a picture of you and your family is a tremendous start.
  • Consider providing a gift to be given to you prayer child during the scholarship ceremony — which is usually in January.

Knowing that most Prayer Partners will never actually visit Guillermo Ungo, during each delegation we schedule meals at the homes of scholarship recipients — we represent you. We believe that these students work a little harder and are supported more because they know they have a friend, here, who believes in them. The students are picked for a scholarship by a committee made up of parents from the communities served by the school, as well as a teacher and a school administrator. The guidelines established by the scholarship committee, in order to keep a scholarship, are:

  • Maintain grades
  • Maintain good attendance
  • Maintain good behavior

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